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About YZ Corporation


The initials YZ (YZ Corporation) stands for Yousuf Zuabair, This export corporation was established in year 2000 in one of the Pakistan industrial & business city Faisalabad, since its establishment, it has formed strong business relationship with businesses in various countries of the world, which includes USA, UK, Middle East, South Asia, Australia and rest of the world.

Presently YZ Corporation is exporting, Medicine, Rice, Tractors, Agro Implements and Lace. All these products are manufactured in Pakistan with International standards and have huge demands in the world due to its excellent quality & economical price.

YZ Corporation has successfully fulfilled the medicine demand of African countries (especially West Africa) and has provided quality medicinal product to this region. Our medicine list contains all the medicinal brands that are common and has demand in this particular region.

YZ Corporation has also exported Tractors & Agricultural Implements to this region. Our Agricultural implements have state of the art design and form the backbone of modern agriculture. The use of these Agricultural implements in farming surely increase the production level of land


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YZ Corporation

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